Monday, January 15, 2018

Replacing Rearview Mirrors With Digital Displays

Vehicle technology evolves to make the road safer. Many accidents happen due to driver error. Plenty of errors committed while driving results from lack of awareness. The ability to see out of the vehicle is very important. This is not so much of an issue for cars and other small vehicles. However, for trucks and other large vehicles visibility has always been a problem.

Trucks have very poor visibility. The height of the cabin gives the driver an awkward vantage point. It allows the driver to see farther ahead but limits his awareness around the truck. Sizeable cargos and containers render the rearview mirror of the truck useless.  The blind spots make trucks significantly more dangerous compared to other smaller vehicles.

It is for the aforementioned visibility problem that many modern trucks come with digital displays as standard feature. The digital displays are connected to cameras installed around the truck. The cameras provide real-time view of everything around the vehicle, thereby completely eliminating blind spots. The displays are installed on the dashboard and only requires a quick glance from the driver to see what is going on around the truck. No mirrors can provide as much visibility as the modern digital displays. Some truck manufacturers even have sensors paired with the cameras that provides the driver with warning and measures distance from nearby objects.

Improved safety from this vehicle technology is not limited to modern trucks. Old trucks manufactured when digital displays were still not standard can be equipped with aftermarket systems.

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