Tuesday, April 4, 2017

How About Them Autonomous Trucks?

It was not that long back when the air suspension truck was thought about to be the peak of modern trucking technology. Today, we have several companies competing with each other in developing autonomous vehicles, including trucks.

Autonomous vehicles require no driver to operate. The absence of driver is intended to improve road safety, make commuting easier, and help businesses and public transportation become more efficient. The absence of drivers is predicted to lessen accidents due to human factors. The traffic flow is going to be controlled and optimized by a computer system. While the concept of autonomous vehicles running on the road safely and efficiently is certainly very fascinating, there are also some consequences that are not entirely positive.

Millions of people will lose their livelihood as autonomous trucks are introduced. Aside from truck drivers, businesses like restaurants and inns located near highways that depend on truckers will also have their operations threatened.

One aspect that man have over computers is ingenuity. The autonomous trucks are not immune to breaking down. If it does, who will perform roadside repairs and replace the problematic truck parts? A broken down truck dead on the center of a road can cause serious traffic problems. Unless the future has rescue vehicles everywhere there is a road, this will remain a problem. Whereas, an experienced driver can help prevent having a truck lay dead in the center of the road and could even perform fast temporary repairs that will keep the truck running until the next servicing station.

There are also concerns about security of the computer system. And what about people who are still driving their vehicles? Mixing computers, people, and powerful machines just does not sound like a good idea. There are indeed many questions not only about autonomous trucks but the entire autonomous vehicle sector that still has no answer.

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