Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Basics of Air Suspension

The benefit of air suspension for truck cannot be overstated. The improved comfort by upgrading the suspension parts of trailer and trucks is essential for improving safety on the road. Many accidents happen due to drivers loosing focus and one of the key contributors to lack of focus is fatigue. An effective method to counter fatigue is improving ride comfort.

The use of air suspension for trucks greatly improve ride comfort that many trucking companies see it as a very sensible investment. The improved safety helps company avoid costly legal problems and the tragedy that can come with road accidents.

But before doing an upgrade, there are several things you need to learn about that will help you in choosing the right air suspension system. The air compressor and air bellows are two of the most important components of any air suspension system.

Instead of a leaf or coil spring, an air bellow or air spring which is made of rubber and inflated with air absorbs the shocks and determines the height of the ride. The air compressor is used to pump air into the air bellows. The amount of air inside the air bellows determine the height and rigidity of the suspension.

Knowing how much pressure the bags can take and the amount of air the compressor can pump out is very important. This helps determine the loading capability and durability of the air suspension system.

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