Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cost Per Kilometer

Cost per kilometer is the primary consideration when shopping for parts of trailer and other truck parts. The influx of new brands in the trucking market has resulted to certain truck parts with prices that are much lower than the more leading brands. But this development is not really anything to celebrate about. Some of these parts have names that many have never heard of before. Many are worried about the reliability of such products.

The prices being too low makes it hard to ignore for many truck operators. But the low price does not automatically mean that these products are smart purchases. A product with half the price and less than half the life of the tried-and-tested brands is going to be more expensive in the long run. Especially when you consider the increased downtime and labor cost due to more frequent replacements.

Instead of looking at the price tag, truck owners are reminded to always look at cost per kilometer when purchasing parts for trailers and trucks. A cheap spare part is not always the most cost-effective purchase. The only time a purchase of this sort makes sense is when the budget is severely limited that it is impossible to purchase higher-priced products.

This does not mean that the cheap truck parts have no role in the trucking industry. These products can compete with reconditioned parts because of the similar life span and cost and can be used as emergency parts.

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