Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Trailer Maintenance and Streamlined Servicing Process

Problems can happen while on the road if trailers are not properly maintained. The risk of accident, delays in delivery, and exacerbated damages to parts of the trailer can cost trucking companies a significant amount of money. A proactive maintenance plan that is focused on detection of problems in the early stages and immediate replacement of suspect components can help avoid problems from happening while on the road.

An obstacle to this method is the expensiveness of original trailer and truck parts. There is also the fact that the parts replacement can take a substantial amount of time to complete. A workaround this problem that is currently being employed by many trucking companies combines the use of aftermarket parts and  streamlined servicing process.

Aftermarket parts for trailer and trucks are much more affordable compared to those of the original equipment manufacturer or OEM. And thanks to technological advances, certain aftermarket companies have the ability to produce high-quality  products that rivals OEM parts.

Another benefit of aftermarket companies is the availability of products. OEM companies stop or limit the production of parts for old trailer models after a certain period. This leads to scarce supply of spare parts which is quite problematic for trucking companies with older models. The aftermarket industry is able to make up for the lack of supply.

A streamlined servicing process does away with the conventional first in, first out method where the small jobs get caught behind big jobs and trailers are tied up needlessly for long periods. In a streamlined servicing process, there are special service bays that are intended for small repairs and parts replacements. 

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