Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Counterfeit Truck Parts

The aftermarket industry is not immune to counterfeiters. Because of the lack of patent protection and regulation in certain countries, counterfeiters are left unperturbed with their operations and the result is a marketplace filled with products of questionable quality.  Some of the counterfeit truck parts are made to look exactly like the original that it becomes quite difficult to distinguish. 

It isn't until the counterfeit products are put in use wherein problems start to appear and that fact that the item is a knockoff is revealed. The same situation is happening with parts for trailers and other kinds of vehicles.

The high rate of failure and lower service life makes using counterfeit truck parts very dangerous. Truck drivers rely on the vehicle to keep them safe. But this becomes very difficult to do when the truck parts start to suddenly fail left and right.

It used to be easier to pick a counterfeit parts from original ones. The knockoffs are usually priced much lower and have noticeable visual differences. But counterfeiters and their distributors are smartening up. 

The prices are now similar to originals and the access to newer technology has allowed very similar appearances between fakes and originals. A way to avoid counterfeit products is by going to certified distributors of original parts. Standing behind their warranties is also a good sign that a distributor is a seller of original truck parts.

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