Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Preventing Blind Spot Accidents

Blind spot accidents can be quite devastating. This is especially true when the car that is hit is smaller. A small passenger car can be crushed under a semi trailer when the driver did not know the car was there. Because of the severity of these accidents, it is very important to take extra measures to prevent blind spot accidents as much as possible.

One of the most important tools to use to avoid blind spot accidents is the vehicle's mirrors. Unfortunately, these are not the final solution, because large vehicles may not be fully protected from blind spots using mirrors alone. No matter how carefully the mirrors on a large vehicle are adjusted, there is just no getting rid of blind spots.

Preventing blind spot accidents rely on more proactive measures from the driver.

A driver of a large truck must be extra vigilant and need to stay alert and aware of the position of other vehicles on the road at all times. A good tip is to check mirrors every five to eight seconds. This will help a driver know what is coming into the blind spot before it arrives there.

A signage can also be used to alert other drivers of blind spots of the large truck. In low visibility conditions, lamps and lanterns can help other drivers to be more weary of your truck's presence. Lighting parts are available from suppliers of trucks spare parts.

When changing lanes, it is important to double check the blind spots and signal well before making the change to alert other drivers of the intended move.

Installing blind spot detection system that alerts the driver when another vehicle is in the blind spot can be a very effective way to prevent accidents.

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  1. Really. You said well.Blind spot accidents can be quite devastating.So we should use a good quality blind spot mirror always.