Monday, January 15, 2018

Replacing Rearview Mirrors With Digital Displays

Vehicle technology evolves to make the road safer. Many accidents happen due to driver error. Plenty of errors committed while driving results from lack of awareness. The ability to see out of the vehicle is very important. This is not so much of an issue for cars and other small vehicles. However, for trucks and other large vehicles visibility has always been a problem.

Trucks have very poor visibility. The height of the cabin gives the driver an awkward vantage point. It allows the driver to see farther ahead but limits his awareness around the truck. Sizeable cargos and containers render the rearview mirror of the truck useless.  The blind spots make trucks significantly more dangerous compared to other smaller vehicles.

It is for the aforementioned visibility problem that many modern trucks come with digital displays as standard feature. The digital displays are connected to cameras installed around the truck. The cameras provide real-time view of everything around the vehicle, thereby completely eliminating blind spots. The displays are installed on the dashboard and only requires a quick glance from the driver to see what is going on around the truck. No mirrors can provide as much visibility as the modern digital displays. Some truck manufacturers even have sensors paired with the cameras that provides the driver with warning and measures distance from nearby objects.

Improved safety from this vehicle technology is not limited to modern trucks. Old trucks manufactured when digital displays were still not standard can be equipped with aftermarket systems.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

How About Them Autonomous Trucks?

It was not that long back when the air suspension truck was thought about to be the peak of modern trucking technology. Today, we have several companies competing with each other in developing autonomous vehicles, including trucks.

Autonomous vehicles require no driver to operate. The absence of driver is intended to improve road safety, make commuting easier, and help businesses and public transportation become more efficient. The absence of drivers is predicted to lessen accidents due to human factors. The traffic flow is going to be controlled and optimized by a computer system. While the concept of autonomous vehicles running on the road safely and efficiently is certainly very fascinating, there are also some consequences that are not entirely positive.

Millions of people will lose their livelihood as autonomous trucks are introduced. Aside from truck drivers, businesses like restaurants and inns located near highways that depend on truckers will also have their operations threatened.

One aspect that man have over computers is ingenuity. The autonomous trucks are not immune to breaking down. If it does, who will perform roadside repairs and replace the problematic truck parts? A broken down truck dead on the center of a road can cause serious traffic problems. Unless the future has rescue vehicles everywhere there is a road, this will remain a problem. Whereas, an experienced driver can help prevent having a truck lay dead in the center of the road and could even perform fast temporary repairs that will keep the truck running until the next servicing station.

There are also concerns about security of the computer system. And what about people who are still driving their vehicles? Mixing computers, people, and powerful machines just does not sound like a good idea. There are indeed many questions not only about autonomous trucks but the entire autonomous vehicle sector that still has no answer.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Basics of Air Suspension

The benefit of air suspension for truck cannot be overstated. The improved comfort by upgrading the suspension parts of trailer and trucks is essential for improving safety on the road. Many accidents happen due to drivers loosing focus and one of the key contributors to lack of focus is fatigue. An effective method to counter fatigue is improving ride comfort.

The use of air suspension for trucks greatly improve ride comfort that many trucking companies see it as a very sensible investment. The improved safety helps company avoid costly legal problems and the tragedy that can come with road accidents.

But before doing an upgrade, there are several things you need to learn about that will help you in choosing the right air suspension system. The air compressor and air bellows are two of the most important components of any air suspension system.

Instead of a leaf or coil spring, an air bellow or air spring which is made of rubber and inflated with air absorbs the shocks and determines the height of the ride. The air compressor is used to pump air into the air bellows. The amount of air inside the air bellows determine the height and rigidity of the suspension.

Knowing how much pressure the bags can take and the amount of air the compressor can pump out is very important. This helps determine the loading capability and durability of the air suspension system.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cost Per Kilometer

Cost per kilometer is the primary consideration when shopping for parts of trailer and other truck parts. The influx of new brands in the trucking market has resulted to certain truck parts with prices that are much lower than the more leading brands. But this development is not really anything to celebrate about. Some of these parts have names that many have never heard of before. Many are worried about the reliability of such products.

The prices being too low makes it hard to ignore for many truck operators. But the low price does not automatically mean that these products are smart purchases. A product with half the price and less than half the life of the tried-and-tested brands is going to be more expensive in the long run. Especially when you consider the increased downtime and labor cost due to more frequent replacements.

Instead of looking at the price tag, truck owners are reminded to always look at cost per kilometer when purchasing parts for trailers and trucks. A cheap spare part is not always the most cost-effective purchase. The only time a purchase of this sort makes sense is when the budget is severely limited that it is impossible to purchase higher-priced products.

This does not mean that the cheap truck parts have no role in the trucking industry. These products can compete with reconditioned parts because of the similar life span and cost and can be used as emergency parts.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Improving The Safety Of Trucks

It is the responsibility of the owner make sure that the truck does not endanger its driver and other motorists on the road. The owner must always try to find ways of improving the safety of trucks. It all starts with maintenance.

Trucks are under extreme loads most of the time which exposes certain components to tremendous amount of stress. They will need frequent inspections and replacements so ensure that they won't cause any problem on the road.  Aside from the best maintenance practices, there are upgrades that can greatly boost the safety of trucks.

Awareness is a common problem with trucks and other large vehicles. In the case of semi-trailer trucks, the rearview mirror of the truck is blocked by the trailer. The driver will not be able to see smaller vehicles that are directly behind. A sensor and camera system can solve the problem by providing the driver with complete view around the truck and also sending him a warning if there are objects that are dangerously close.

Improving the comfort of the truck also enhances its safety by reducing driver fatigue. A driver can lose focus and become more prone to making mistakes that can lead to accidents. Improving comfort and reducing fatigue helps minimize driver mistakes. The advent of the air suspension truck has helped with the issue of driver fatigue.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Travel Trailer Repair

To some people, traveling is part of their lives. Being able to get away from it all to recoup and reenergize is very important in retain the enthusiasm needed to pursue different things in life. It you look at it this way it is easy to see that to them, a travel trailer is a smart and much needed investment.

A travel trailer that is properly taken care of can last a very long time. There are certain parts of trailer that will require replacement overtime but the cost of replacement shouldn't be overly expensive.

Now, an issue you might encounter is the lack of parts for old models. The trailer manufacturers usually stop the production of spare parts after several years. This is similar to how old truck parts are phased out. It makes very little sense for the manufacturer to continue producing parts with little or decreasing demands. This leads to owners of old models to have a hard time finding replacement parts for trailers.

The aftermarket industry provides the answer to this problem. Modern aftermarket companies produce parts for trailer that rivals the quality of those from the original manufacturer. This is thanks to increased cooperation between original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and aftermarket companies.
An owner will no longer need to worry about lack of parts for the trailer since there are other companies aside from the OEM that can supply him or her with the replacement parts.

Monday, December 14, 2015

One-Man Trucking Business

The trucking industry is thriving. The continued growth of the e-commerce industry that rely greatly on delivery of goods makes the future for the industry quite bright. There is a lot of potential profit to be had in the industry. Starting a trucking business is not very hard and the capital requirement has primarily to do with the purchase of the truck. An individual can start a one-man trucking business.

The most important requirement when starting a one-man trucking business is knowing to drive these large vehicles. There are commercial trucking schools that offer training courses for driving and management.

There are different trucks that can be used for the business. The semi-trailer trucks are the best when it comes to trucking business. The main truck or tractor unit has very long lifespan thanks to the semi-trailer carrying much of the load. These trucks also have the best loading capabilities. Proper maintenance of the tractor unit and occasional replacement of parts of the trailer allows truck owners to extend the life of the truck and maximize the return from the initial purchase.

Parabolic Springs

Driving on rough and corrugated roads are tough not only on the driver but also to the vehicle. In order to minimize the damaging forces generated when driving in such road conditions, parabolic springs are installed on vehicles like small-pickups and even large trucks. The modern parabolic springs offer good loading capacity while also providing better ride comfort compared to traditional leaf springs.